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Patchy WINS at Rye House – July 2019

Patchy WINS at Rye House! Rye House first ever home win... and won with a broken rib!! So July 14th saw Patchy back to his home track for the 6th Round of the championship. Testing on Saturday was a huge struggle after an accident mid week. To the point where he stopped testing for [...]

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Patchy takes another podium at Whilton Mill

TWO from TWO for Patchy Patchy takes his second podium in a row and first win… So after last weeks announcement that Josh joined SFR Motorsport, it was time to show the new team what he could do. The Rye House podium has spurred him along and he was really excited for Round 4 [...]

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Patchy takes the podium at Rye House

Patchy takes the Podium!!! 2019 so far… 2019 has been pretty damn awesome. With the Winter Championship at PFi being a learning curve as he’d never raced there, Whilton Mill and Rye House bring our main championships. He’s doing well, REALLY well on the new Xenon Kart and his results are showing how good [...]

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Patchy announced as Xenon Factory Driver for 2019

Patchy given a Factory drive for 2019!!! So 2018 went well, bagged 3rd place at Rye House for 2018, 6th for the London Cup! and has a huge jump forward this year at various MSA events such as Whilton Mill and Shenington. Watching him develop this year has been blimmin' awesome!!! An awesome piece [...]

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R8 Race report – Whilton Mill and Rye House

Whilton Mill 26th August   Raceday was wet…. REALLY wet! We couldn’t make practice on Saturday and Patchy hasn’t done any wet racing since the beginning of the year. Things were going to be ‘interesting’! Heat 1 and he starts P28 and finishes P19, phew, no incidents and passed a few drivers so position [...]

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R7 Race report – Whilton Mill and Rye House

Whilton Mill 22nd July   So with no sponsor this month we only managed to get Josh to raceday. We turned up Sunday and straight into a 5 minute practice. Pace seemed ok and he was mid table. Pretty sure we were going to struggle as we hadn’t managed to get here for testing [...]

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R6 Race report – Whilton Mill and Rye House

Whilton Mill 24th June So after being upside down last month. This month was all about getting back in the seat and enjoying racing!!! We had an awesome Saturday practice. it was good to see him straight back out after the accident a couple of weeks before at Rye House. Times were decent and [...]

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R5 Race report – Whilton Mill and Rye House

Race 5 Race Report Whilton Mill 27th May It’s the first race with the brand new, super funky crash helmet! Makes JP look (and apparently feel) like a proper racer!!! JP is raring to go and finally get his elusive A Final. Alas, ALLLLLL day Saturday we’re THREE seconds off of pace. I replaced [...]

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