Patchy debut’s in Junior X30

Patchy final returned to karting this weekend at Whilton Mill. After 16 weeks of lockdown he was eager to return to the seat. Josh has been testing the Junior X30 class for a number of weeks now was keen to get back racing in the new class.

Friday and Saturday testing looked MEGA. For a kid that is a year younger than anyone else on the circuit. He certainly didn’t look out of place!

Whilton Mill August 2020 – Raceday

Heat 1 – Started 23, finished 22nd. Decent start, but his lack of fitness certainly showed and we definitely need to work on this!
Heat 2 – Started P9. Half way through Josh was sent onto the grass and struggled to get back on track. Once he did, he fought back up to an eventual P18 finish.
Heat 3 – Starts P10. Makes it up to P7 before fatigue finally sets in and he struggles in the latter stages of the race. finishing P22
FINAL – Starts P24. On exit of the dummy grid he had to take to the grass to avoid two karts that had spun! By the time he caught the pack on the rolling up session and the lights go out hes in P31. In TWO laps he made it through to P20 and then up to P18! He’s overtaking was awesome and had some pretty tough battles as he worked his way back up the pack. Alas the last few laps he was holding on until the end. He crossed the line P22… Broken, but with a smile on his face!

What a weekend! A decent first race in the Junior X30 category, against 13-15 year olds. Next stop… the gym and swimming! 😉

Josh said…”Massive thank you to Calsy, GET Ltd and Abobey who help sponsor me to do something that I love! and to SFR Motorsport for getting me to where I am!”