Patchy takes the Podium!!!

2019 so far…

2019 has been pretty damn awesome. With the Winter Championship at PFi being a learning curve as he’d never raced there, Whilton Mill and Rye House bring our main championships. He’s doing well, REALLY well on the new Xenon Kart and his results are showing how good the kart is!

Three rounds in at Whilton and we’re sitting 9th in the standings against some of the best kids in the country! Last weekend (14th April) saw us on home turf at Rye House for Round 3 of the Championship. The last two rounds haven’t gone to plan and we were sitting 5th in the table.

Practice went well… as ever and were one of the quickest on track, maybe today would be the day? We’ll see.

QualiDISASTER!!! In true Rye House fashion, it rains two minutes before quali. I took a chance and went full wets, thinking it’d only get wetter. First few laps and we’re purple, then the fine rain stops and the track dries out! Bugger… qualified P15! We we’re both ‘cheesed off’ as the rest of the day would now be a day of battling through others.

Heat 1 – we start P15… from here on in, Patchy was nothing short of perfect for the rest of the day. He battled so hard through the drivers in front and crossed the line P5 and third quickest driver on the grid!

Heat 2 – Patchy starts P8. It’s nice to be nearer the front of the grid, but he’s still got a bit to do! Again, another perfect drive and crosses the line in P2 and officially the fastest kid on the track!!!

Final – He starts in P7 and knows he can do this. Lights go green and we’re off. By lap four he’s into 4th  and chasing the leaders. We could all hear the commentator saying “Josh Patch is now 0.3 quicker than anyone else and is on a charge and I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do, the others might as well let him passed and see if they can stay with him to the leader!) Well that was the understatement of the year. By Lap 6 he’d taken 3rd place and was on a charge for 2nd! He tried some outstanding moves to get passed but in the end held 3rd and was the quickest kid in the top 15!

Never been so proud of him stood on the podium at his home circuit, ALMOST (very, very, very nearly) cried. To top the MEGA day off he was also awarded driver of the day for his efforts, so we came away with TWO trophies!

Massive thank you to Xenon Karts for a chassis that is the best chassis Josh has even been on, Nick & Ash from Xenon for all they do for him, GET Ltd, Calsy and Abobey for helping him get as far as he has and to SFR Motorsport for the awning space and advice all weekend. The changes made defiantly helped him get that all important podium! RPM Engines for the WAFT, their engines really are the best! and to Nicole ‘Flumpy’ Ford, who has kept him so calm under my pressure and her advice has helped improve him from a driver to a racer! #93!

Roll on Whilton on the 28th April… I’ve never been looking forward to a weekend off of karting so much 😉