Patchy makes it 3 podiums in 3 meetings!

PFI sees Josh on the podium!

So this weekend I was off to the Spring Cup at PFi. This is my 8th time here, so after the results of the last couple of weeks, this weekend was all about learning this track and doing his best.

Saturday testing went well and even managed to get the hang of the track in the wet too! About time! The last session on Saturday was qualifying, which thankfully was dry!

Quali – 5 minutes to get this right…. Managed to get into a pack of front runners and went and put it in 4th!!! His best quali at PFi ever!!!

It’s all down to race day now. Raceday was to be two heats, starting from 4th, then a pre-final where he starts dependent on his results from the heats. The final is determined from his finishing position in the pre-final. Never done it like this before, so was something else to learn!

Heat 1 – P4 and had a MEGA race, crossing the line in P2! Wow

Heat 2 – P4 and another AWESOME race, crossing the line in P3!!!

Pre-Final –Starting on the FRONT ROW of the grid in P2. Lights go out, but Patchy jumped the start so at the end of the race he’s getting a 5 second penalty… dropped to P4 and then got P3 back. On the final lap of the race made a ‘worldie’ into hairpin 1 and took P2 back. Defended the rest of the lap and crossed the line in P2. Alas the penalty meant Josh started the final in P9!!!!

Final – so with nothing to lose Patchy is sitting in P9. Makes a wicked start and jumps a few places, then a few more and then a few more. Never seen him race this well…EVER. Ended up taking P3 at PFi!!!!

PFi is renowned for being the toughest track in the country. A track that EVERY karter wants succeed at and to actually stand on the podium here is a MASSIVE achievement!!!

So, that makes it THREE podiums in THREE meetings.

Massive thank you to SFR Motorsport for all the help and advice, Xenon Kart for the amazing chassis, just goes to show everyone… it’s THE chassis to be on! And RPM for the EPIC engines.

And of course… his sponsors, #GETltd @andrewboulton, @calsy and @abobeyit. Without them, I wouldn’t be here!

Next stop RYE HOUSE, my home track!