Patchy WINS at Rye House!

Rye House first ever home win… and won with a broken rib!!

So July 14th saw Patchy back to his home track for the 6th Round of the championship. Testing on Saturday was a huge struggle after an accident mid week. To the point where he stopped testing for two hours as he kept coming in crying as his side really hurt and he was saying he couldn’t breathe. He decided to see if he could do the last session of practice, which he did. He came in and said “Dad, I can do that four times tomorrow. I want to race!”

So with him in pain, it was always going to be tough on race day. But WOW what a race day it was…

Qualifying – P1! That’ll do nicely dude!

Heat 1 – P1 > P7. He led the entire race. Alas, P2 decided to make a move that simply wasn’t there, at all. Took them both out and Patchy crossed the line P7 and distraught.

Heat 2 – P3 > P2. Led for most of the race and had a great battle with Emily Jackson, who nipped passed with half a lap to go. Fab, FAIR racing from these two!

Final – P2 > P1. Led from the start and led the entire race! Giving him his first ever win at his home track!

Amazing achievement. Never seen his smile so much!

Alas, Monday he was still in pain with his side and mum and dad took him to the hospital. After an X-Ray on Monday, then back for 9 hours Tuesday to have a cannula fitted, Ultrasound and a CT Scan as they were worried he had a perforated spleen, it was confirmed that he’d race the entire event with a fractured rib!

Docs have said no karting for 2 – 4 weeks, which is a shame as he’s at the top at Rye and Whilton and Kart Masters is coming up, so he may have to pull out! Huge thanks to the doctors and nurses at Princess Alexandra for making sure he’s as well as he can be!

Massive thank you to SFR Motorsport for all the help and advice, Xenon Kart for the amazing chassis, just goes to show everyone… it’s THE chassis to be on! And RPM for the EPIC engines.

And of course… his sponsors, #GETltd @andrewboulton, @calsy and @abobeyit. Without them, I wouldn’t be here!

Next stop RYE HOUSE, my home track!