Whilton Mill 24th June

So after being upside down last month. This month was all about getting back in the seat and enjoying racing!!!

We had an awesome Saturday practice. it was good to see him straight back out after the accident a couple of weeks before at Rye House. Times were decent and the weather was awesome! He got used to the new white lines around the track which had been placed to for safety, although struggled at the first corner and ran over it a little too often!

Race day!!! Went out for a practice and came in 6th fastest in his group!!!! His first heat he start P7, did well, finishing P11! H2 starts P12, drops to P19 after getting a penalty for crossing the track limits… bugger! H3 he starts P17, cuts through and is making moves, which is blimmin’ awesome to watch, alas he’s roofed off the track and drops to dead last (28th)! He got himself back on and drove his socks off. At one point there was an 8 second gap to the next boy. He crosses the line in P24, only to be stung with another penalty for a drop down bumper…AAARGH

He scrapped the A final in last place P30 and had some work to do! Started poorly (we really need to work on these!) but overtook like monster! Crossed the line P19… only to get a 5 place grid penalty for track limits again!

So a tough weekend in all. We had pace, but the new white lines around the track became a struggle! Never mind, we’ll be back next month! If you want to be as good as the top lads…never give up!

Rye House – 8th July Round 6

JP knows this track. He’s currently 3rd in the championship and after last months flip, he desperately wants to do well!

Practice looks good… top three in all sessions! Well played Patchy!

Quali… he got stuck behind a back marker and took a lap to pass them. He’s in P12, the wife is getting all flustered and I’m actually telling her to calm down! (this makes a change, it’s usually the other way round!!!) He gets passed the back marker and is still 12th, next lap P4, then drops to P5. I’m thinking that’ll do! P5 is the inside and a better line at the start so actually better than P4! Patchy has other ideas, final lap of quali and he roars through and takes P3 by 0.011 seconds!!!!

Heat 1 – he starts P3, has a poor start, but keeps hold of P3. The two boys in front are edging away and we just don’t have the waft to stay with them! Two boys behind catch up and make moves to drop JP down to 5th, but he refused to give up. Getting the tow off them down the straight and he picks them both back off, crossing the line in P3!!!

Heat 2 – again starts P3. Same as before, the two in front edge off, but Patchy holds P3, right up until the final lap, the train make a move and he’s too late to defend and crosses the line in P6.

Final – start P3 and stayed P3 for most of it! Some awesome racing with overtakes back and forth, it really was awesome to watch. It could have gone anybodys way. JP crosses the line P5 with 1st to 5th separated by 1.3seconds! He is distraught that he didn’t make the podium, me… I thought he drove amazingly and am so proud of him! He may not feel it, but he was bloody brilliant!

A good days racing and he’s still 3rd in the Championship! Not bad considering there 40 in it!

Roll on Round 7!!! If anyone would like to sponsor him for this round PLEASE let me know. We really couldn’t do it without the help of our sponsors and a special mention toe GET Ltd for helping get Patchy through his Round 6 races.