Race 5 Race Report

Whilton Mill 27th May

It’s the first race with the brand new, super funky crash helmet! Makes JP look (and apparently feel) like a proper racer!!!
JP is raring to go and finally get his elusive A Final. Alas, ALLLLLL day Saturday we’re THREE seconds off of pace. I replaced pretty much everything and am now of first name terms with everyone in the shop at Whilton Mill (not surprised considering I’ve blown the whole months budget in one day!) but no matter what we do he’s still three seconds off of pace. Lots of head scratching and we end the days testing still 3 seconds off of pace…arse.

Come race day and the team boss is here. He gives the kart a quick once over and can’t see the issue. Out in first practice and he’s 3 seconds off, straight into heat 1 starting P5… finished P27?!?!?! Theres a gap between heats and CER team boss goes over everything and FINDS the problem. 4 tiny little grub screw have a little play in them and aren’t biting to the axle properly. Out comes the drills and locktite, for a ‘bodge’ and he’s out in heat 2. Starts P8… finished P11… We’re back on pace! AT LAST!!! Between the final heats, it’s back to the shop for a new rear axle and bearings and refit the whole rear end! Heat 3 P24… finished P16! The results come out and we’re hunting to find where he starts in the B Final…. He MADE THE A FINAL! At last the shocking weekend he’s had and he still made it into the A final… for the first time!!!

Well the glorious sun that we’d had all weekend turned from a Summers day into a Monsoon. In the space of 20 minutes turns 1 and 2 were under nearly a foot of water and the last two finals of the day are abandoned! Bugger, oh well, his name is on that A final list and we’re finally going forward!

Roll on next month!

Rye House – 10th May

We’re going for this damn podium here, it’s a long time coming.. perhaps todays the day?!

Practice went well… P3 all morning, comes down to qualifying and he just couldn’t get a decent time in constantly being held up by slower karts. Quali ends in P8. Would have rather had P9 as it’s the inside of the track and getting over is neigh on impossible.

Heat 1 starts P8, finishes P8. Heat 2 starts P8 and gets spun at hairpin and drops to P17. Fights back to P8. Final time……. Starts P8 and drops to P11 by the first corner, he tried as hard as he could to squeeze inside, but it just didn’t happen. By the third corner he’s back to P8… his overtaking is nothing short of breathtaking! By the of the first lap he’s on a charge and up to P7! Next lap and the 2nd place lad spins at the final corner . JP has worked out if he hangs left for the Esses, then he can get P6 down the straight, hangs it left to be confronted by the 2nd place spinner. JP has nowhere to go, but up and over, which he did…. Cartwheeling the kart, which landed upside down. He crawled out and jumped over the tyre barriers, just before another kart took his overturned kart out. I have never moved so quickly! Red flags are out and the paramedics are with him. He’s shaken (understandably!) but ok.

We walk down the main straight to the ambulance to a round of applause from everyone! He is one very lucky lad as that could have been far, far worse!

Special thanks to The Mortgage Guy Ltd who helped with sponsorship for this month. It really, REALLY helped JP out!!!

So, no podium this time and due to the issues at Whilton last month and now the repairs to the kart this month, we just don’t have the budget to race at Whilton 23rd June. He’s gutted as am! all the kid wants to do is race. So if anybody knows of a race day sponsor to get him to Whilton please let us know!

Roll on Round 6 at Rye House 😉