Race 4 Race Report

Whilton Mill 22nd April

So after last round shenanigans  and his kart being written off, we were back to Whilton. Testing seemed okay, but JP just wasn’t anywhere near his best.  Come Sunday and JP was leaving the door open everywhere and battling near the back of the back, rather than the middle/front where he had been.

Lots of head scratching and kart checking, but couldn’t find a thing wrong (which makes a change as I usually find I’ve messed something up!)

Only made the B Final, to be roofed off and ended the day with a DNF.

I’m miffed, he’s sad and I can’t work out what’s going on. Once home we sat down for a weekend racing chinwag and he admitted he was scared as he thought last month would happen all over again! Bless him. I felt awful as I’d been pushing him all weekend. I guess after last months ‘head on’ it’ll take a while to get that out of him… he is only nine after all!!

Rye House – 13th May

So between Whilton and Rye House JP turned ’double digits’ Happy 10th dude!

Rye is his home track and you could see the difference between here and Whilton. Lines were better and he really was pushing.

Qualifying comes along and he does what JP does, 12th, 5th, 6th, 4th, 5th, 1st…oh bejeezus! With a lap to go he’s pipped to pole by 0.062 seconds! We’ll take P2 though!!!

Race 1 and he’s on the front row. A bad started seems him drop to 5th, but he battles back and takes 3rd!!! Never have you seen a kid punch the air so hard! He’s over the moon and gives me the BIGGEST hug you have ever seen… still not sure how I didn’t tear up!

Race 2 and he starts 3rd. Gets into a first lap tangle and drops to 6th. Again fights back and finishes 4th, reeling the front three in, but runs out of time!

The final… He’s on 3rd for this! Has a good start and keeps third for most of the race. A last lap battle sees two karts squeeze him out at the hairpin and he drops to 5th. He comes in sulking, but I can’t help but have the HUGEST smile on my face.

To top it all, he’s awarded ‘Driver of the day’ and bags another trophy. A good haul in point sees him jump back into 5th position overall. This years Rye House Championship is close, with 19 points separating the top 5 drivers (100 points available on raceday)!

So round 4 is over. We’re back to Whilton on the 26th/27th and  Rye House on the 13th June for respective Round 5’s. Many thanks to this months sponsor AT Graphic Design (http://www.atgraphicdesign.net/) for helping in the race day finances! Without the help of our monthly sponsors, this sport would be a struggle to compete in! Thanks as always to CER for the help and support!

If anyone would like to sponsor JP for his Round 5 races, please let us know!