Round 3 Race Report

Whilton Mill 25th March

After the shenanigans of R2 and a DNF we were sure JP had had all of his bad luck for the season… so lets go and get into this darn A Final!

Testing on Saturday was good… really, blimmin’ good. He was only a tenth or so off of the Superone National boys all day! He was up beat and couldn’t wait for Sunday’s race.

Sunday started iffy, a novice tried to ram him off the track in heat 1 and JP ended up with a ‘drop down’ (where the nose cone is disloged) and received a penalty. A little harsh, but I guess you can’t always have it your way! Heat 2 and he starts P20, no real dramas, he cut through the pack, finishing P15, at last we’re on out way to a decent weekend!

Then comes the third heat. Josh starts P8 on the grid and two laps in is making a move up the inside for 5th place… the kid he’s overtaking just so happens to have finished 4th last weekend at the Superone Nationals!!!. Alas the other guys tries to hold the outside line, grabs the inside at the next corner and the two of them are wheel to wheel bumping away along the top straight and JP get SPUN… aaargh.

He’s now facing the wrong way in the middle of the track! The ‘train’ of 15 karts behind him all MISS (phew!) only for a novice plate some 8-9 seconds behind to clean him out completely! Absolute shocking drive, completely avoidable and more importantly so, so dangerous. No for a rotund chap like myself, I have never moved so quickly in my and run around to where his accident occured. The paramedics were with him and the wait from the MSA to allow me on track was an eternity! Sometime I forget just how dangerous this sport can be.

Was given the all clear to see him and he is a little shaken. He has a sore leg, nose bleed, bruising under the chin strap and has put his front teeth through his top lid, but he wasn’t crying. bless his little nine year old socks! Once the paramedics had given him the all clear, we collected the kart and went back to the awning to check it over.

OUCH… turns out the novice plate had smashed his front wheel/hub/yoke clean off the chassis, along with broken pods and various other parts, the kart is officially a write off. He heard this and said “Dad, can you fix it for the finals?”, “No mate, this is us done!”, bless him, he bawled his heart out! The kid just wants to race!

So another DNF this weekend and to top it off we now have no kart. Not sure whats happening now, but at least JP is ok, just upset about the whole day!

Rye House – 13th April 2018

So with two weeks until R3 at Rye House we’ve managed to source some bits and bobs to cobble together a kart (thanks to Cutting Edge Racing who never cease to amaze me!) and get him back out! A few late nights, plenty of cuts and far too many swear words (I didn’t know I had quite a vocabulary of swear words!) and we’re ready for R3 at Rye House! Fingers crossed he’ll be ok and his confidence won’t be shot to pieces… but if anyone wants to sponsor a new chassis….. 😉

The three test sessions prior to racing looked flippin’ awesome! P2, P1 and another P2. Confidence is high and it’s as if he’s never just been in the worst accident of his career! Quali wasn’t too bad at 5th with 0.1 seconds separating the top 5! Racing wasn’t the best though. Poor starts in the waterlogged conditions, pretty much ended the chance of a podium and we’re now looking at new clutches as this could well be the issues (that or maybe the accident has taken it’s toll on him a little and nerves crept in!) Anyway, he finished P6 in the final, so a good bunch of points go towards his Rye House Championship, where he is currently 5th (of 31!).

So R3 was the worst, yet the most expensive one yet. Josh didn’t manage to get a sponsor for this round either! Roll on Round 4 at Whilton on the 22nd April. Hopefully he’s had all of his bad luck and we can finally have a good round!!!

If anyone wishes to sponsor his for either Round 4 or for the rest of the season it would be awesome. please let us know at

Roll on Round 4 😉