Round 2 race Report

Whilton Mill 25th February

Round 2 saw a huge improvement from JP. testing on the Saturday had him being right up there with some of the best boys in the country! Sunday looked like we’d even make the A final! Heat 1 of random grids saw him start P15, alas a little bit of niavity saw him spin in the warm up lap and rather than put himself back to p15 he tacked onto the back of the grid in P34! AAAARRRRRGGHH. He made an awesome start and was up to p18 within a lap, then p14 a few laps later, but ended up being spun out and finished P23. He came in sulking… I was buzzing, he’d made 19 places up in ONE lap!!! Heat 2 and he started P24… he didn’t even complete a lap before he was battered by the guy behind, who ended up on top of him! Thankfully he was ok, but the kart received damage where the brake pedal had been smashed clean off 🙁 Final heat and he starts P3. We FINALLY had a good heat, finishing P7 (bearing in mind you have around 9-10 of the best in the country racing, this was an outstanding achievement!

For the B final he starts P7… he needs P4 to get into the A final. Drops to P10 at the start (something we defiantly need to work on!) and then starts cutting through the pack, p9, p8, two in one corner, p7…. holy cow he’s going for it. P5 and closing in on P4 FAST, makes an awesome move into P4, but the other guy tries to keep it round the outside, he hits JP and goes off, which in turns puts JP off and he drops to P5, where he stayed. He’s gutted, I’m beaming with pride! What a bloody achievement!

Rye House 11th March

So with an outstanding performance at Whilton Mill and Rye House being JP’s home track things looked GOOD, REALLY, REALLY good. Practice saw JP holding 3rd position all morning. Phew! Now for qualifying… TRAFFIC!!!! tried and tried to put good laps in, only to be held up by others. Eventually JP got some clean air and grabs third, missing out on 2nd by 0.008seconds! WOOOOW

Heat 1 starts and a poor start drops him to 6th, fought back and finish P4! Heat 2 starts 4th and finished P3!!!! This makes him P3 on the grid for the final… maybe, just maybe there’s a podium about to happen. We started P3 for the final last month and he was knocked off the track! We’re away and he’s dropped to 5th, then 7th, bugger. Get stuck behind P6 for ages and finally makes the move. The top 5 are around THREE seconds ahead, he has clean air and 4 laps to catch them! He’s the quickest kid out there and reeling the top 5 in by 0.5 seconds a lap, but alas there just was not enough time to catch the pack. JP finishes the final in P6.

The lip comes out, and he’s miffed at not making the podium. I (as I always am!) am as proud as punch. Next month mate, we’ll be on that podium!

So that’s it. R2 is over for both Whilton Mill and Rye House. We’re back at Whilton on the 24th/25th March for round 3! Massive thanks as always to Josh’s sponsors Greenline Environmental, Motorsport World Ltd, and this months race sponsor DarkNuke Studios for all the help and support you have given so far. I don’t think you realise how much it means to us for your guys help and support! and lastly (but not least!) as huge thank you to Steve and the team at Cutting Edge Racing 😉

Roll on Round 3 😉