Whilton Mill 26th August


Raceday was wet…. REALLY wet! We couldn’t make practice on Saturday and Patchy hasn’t done any wet racing since the beginning of the year. Things were going to be ‘interesting’!
Heat 1 and he starts P28 and finishes P19, phew, no incidents and passed a few drivers so position is good! Heat 2 and starts P16, finishing P14. Some good wheel to wheel action, he actually dropped to P22 at one point, but fought back! H3 and he starts P2, alas the first corner was a nightmare with karts all over the grass and he’s back in P20th! Gets his head down a makes a superb recovery finishing P13!

The Final and he starts P19. Has an awesome start and first few laps and is sitting in P14 cutting through the traffic. Then disaster! He gets binned off by someone (he even had the inside line!!!) and is all the way back to P30! Gets back on the track and smashes the heck out of it, crossing the line in P23. Always knew it’d be tough,but he just proved that no matter what happens, he’ll just crack on!!!! Roll on Rye House!

Rye House – 9th September Round 8


So the final round at Rye House….

Practice was good…. P2, just behind one of the Superone boys, amazeballs Patchy! Qualifying, however was a disaster… crossing in P8 (although there was one 0.3 between 4th and 9th).

H1 starts P8, finishing in P8 with 0.7 seconds separating 1st > 8th, today was going to be close! H2 and he starts P7, but an incident in front see karts flying everywhere, he manages to miss it, but drops to P11. Fights back making some pretty awesome moves to finish P6!

Now the final and he’s in P6, come one Patchy!!!! Another incident at the first hairpin and he’s down to P13, bugger! As ever, the little so-and-so never gives up and fights back to cross the line in P6. Which officially makes him the Rye House Honda Cadet 3rd place Champion!!!!!!! Well played dude, you’ve made us all immensely proud 😉

A huge thanks to all over Josh’s sponsors for this year and also to our Round 8 sponsor Albex Exhibitions (www.albexexhibitions.com) which as ever, helped us out massively in getting him on the grid!

Our final meeting of the year is at Rye House on the 7th October for this years LONDON CUP. We did notice his best (and currently ONLY!) engine starting to struggle down the straights. With this in mind we REALLY need a sponsor for the televised London Cup on the 7th October! This will help us get his engine back to the tuner and make sure he has everything possible to try and win this prestigious event… not only that, HE’S ONE OF THE FAVOURITES!!!! 😉