Patchy given a Factory drive for 2019!!!

So 2018 went well, bagged 3rd place at Rye House for 2018, 6th for the London Cup! and has a huge jump forward this year at various MSA events such as Whilton Mill and Shenington. Watching him develop this year has been blimmin’ awesome!!! An awesome piece of artwork turned up from Stu Stretton, for his achievement at the London Cup… not bad for a kid that was 16th last year and narrowly missed out on the podium!

So that’s it… 2018 is over and we’re not sure what to do over the Winter months until Josh was approached by the Xenon kart team (which is affiliated with the BMR Acadamy… and a certain Mr Ashley Sutton will be one of Josh’s new driver development coaches!!!)  to race for them for 2019! As a dad, my jaw hit the floor. This was only ever supposed to a hobby, but looks like Josh isn’t half bad at this 😉

We’ve already been to PFi with the new team and it is AMAZING. Looks like 2019 could be a very good year! So we are now eagerly awaiting the new 2019 Xenon kart and will spend the winter testing the new chassis… Roll on 2019!!!

Want to sponsor Patchy for 2019? Please let me (dad!) know! Without our 2018 sponsors Josh wouldn’t have got this opportunity. If you can help for 2019, Josh (and I) will love you forever 😉 – Dad (aka Andy)